Keweenaw Kernewek Copper Country Cornish Cousins


Calumet, Michigan is now twinned with Camborne, Cornwall, UK. Check us our or our facebook page with the link below.


NEXT MEETING is at The Keweenaw Heritage Center in Calumet, MI at 6:00 on Thursday June 8th.

The June meeting will have a presentation by Mark Hoskin on creating the Cornish Flag in Stained Glass.

Then July 30 will be our Central Tea event during the annual Central Mine Reunion held at the church in Central, Michigan, north of Calumet.

The Keweenaw Kernewek
is a group formed in 1992 to preserve the history of the Cornish settlers in the "Keweenaw" (Once called the Copper Country) of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Additional history and an introduction to our group can be found in the selections below. Anyone who has an interest in the history of the Cornish in the are are welcome to join our group.

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